A Wow Experience

Love and passion for food come to life at Vitor’s Bistro & Sushi Bar in Indiana

By Ginny McCabe

Visitors to West Harrison, Indiana, may not expect to find fine dining in the small town. But that’s what they’ll find at Vitor’s Bistro & Sushi Bar.

Chef Vitor Abreu

“I love it when people enjoy their food. It puts a smile on their faces, and it brings people together,” says Chef Vitor Abreu.

The restaurant rotates its menu every four-to-six weeks. The menu includes steaks, chops, seafood and pasta dishes. The burger and sushi menus are stationary.

“By rotating the menu, it just gives people choices and options, and it never gets boring or stale,” Abreu says.

The restaurant also offers a Chef’s Table, which can serve eight people at one time and is by reservation only. The meals are prepared one-on-one with you at the table.

These are just some of the ways Vitor’s embodies Abreu’s philosophy of “finer dining without the pretentiousness.”

“When you walk into my place, it’s cozy and down-to-earth, and then, I wow you with the food,” he says.