3 Can’t-Miss Summer Activities on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island in Michigan is packed with things to do during a weekend getaway

By Corinne Minard

Only 500 people may live on Mackinac Island in Michigan, but it has plenty of activities for those looking for a weekend getaway. We found three things all visitors to the island should make sure to do before they leave.

Enjoy a Picnic

Many of the island’s restaurants are offering take-out and grab-and-go options, including the restaurants located within Mission Point Resort. After picking up your meal from restaurants like Boxwood Coffeeshop & Café or the Doghouse at Windermere Point, head to a picnicking location like Fort Holmes. As the highest point on the island, you’ll enjoy views of the Mackinac Bridge, lighthouses and Round Island while eating your meal.

Play Outside

Those who enjoy being outside will find plenty of ways to do so on Mackinac Island. The island has several parks, including Mackinac Island State Park, which covers 85% of the island. Visitors can play disc golf at Great Turtle Park, fly kites or skip rocks at Windermere Point, and explore historic sites or spectacular rock formations in Mackinac Island State Park, Michigan’s first state park.

Walk the Island

Mackinac Island is fairly small—only about 8 miles around—so walking is a great way to explore what’s there. Visitors can stroll through downtown to see the waterfront town’s shops, restaurants and unique architecture or hike the island’s many trails, several of which go by or lead to the scenic Arch Rock.

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