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Top 5 Hiking Trails at The Pinnacles

Find the hiking trail that matches your skill level with our guide

By Shelby Besecker

Although the pandemic seems to not be letting up anytime soon, a great way to get out of the house and get fresh air is hiking at The Pinnacles in Berea, Kentucky. While hiking visitors are not required to wear a mask they are asked to social distance. All the hiking trails are open, but the Forestry Outreach Center Restrooms are closed for the time being.

Within The Pinnacles there are multiple trails you can choose from starting at beginner to intermediate hiking. One of the best parts about all the trails, particularly for pet owners, is that they are dog friendly! Here is a list of the top five hiking trails:

Berea Forest Bike Trail

On the edge of The Pinnacles is a 0.75-mile, paved path. It is a beautiful, scenic route if you prefer bike riding rather than hiking. While riding you can get a glimpse of wildlife and find a spot where you can pull over to have lunch.

Trail to Indian Fort Lookout

This trail is one of the most popular because it has the biggest viewing area. The hike is 1.02 miles and even has a spot to enjoy a picnic. From the lookout you can see Berea College and a small part of Eastern Kentucky University. During the hike you also have the chance to see tunnels that Native Americans used to get between observation points. However, they are sealed off for safety reasons.

Upper West Pinnacle Trail

If you choose this trail be prepared for an intermediate hike. It is more uphill than the others but hiking the 1.7 miles is well worth it. When you get to the top the view includes Owsley Lake, which is the water supply for the town as well as Berea College. This trail also connects with the Trail to Indian Fort Lookout.

Eagle’s Nest Trail

This path is also on the intermediate side of hiking while being 1.7 miles long. This trail is a scenic route with terrains and unique boulder formations along the way. The only downside of this trail is there are not as many areas you can stop to have a picnic.

Buzzard’s Roost Trail

This is the longest hiking trail of 1.8 miles and might be considered the most difficult of the intermediate trails. Despite the difficulty, the viewing area is surrounded by trees making it a relaxing and more secluded spot to rest or even have lunch.