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The Perfect Tree

Licking County, Ohio, offers opportunities to make lasting holiday memories

Sometimes you hear the perfect Christmas tree even before you see it. Your dad’s familiar whistle breaks the silent, frozen air and you know that he is signaling you to follow his maze of boot prints in the snow to the spot where he may have just found a keeper. You see it and realize that it definitely has potential, but maybe there is a taller one somewhere around the bend. So you leave a mitten on the branch as your reminder to come back to it, if the elusive taller one just can’t be found. With one cold hand, you continue on listening for the whistle as the journey continues. At last the perfect symbol of Christmas is found and the sound of the whistle is replaced by the smell of pine as each pass of the saw unlocks the pure magic of Christmas. The whistle…the smell…the lost mitten…the perfect tree…the perfect Christmas.

Licking County Christmas tree farms have been bringing this type of seasonal nostalgia home for decades. From the large, experiential and encompassing acres of Timbuk Farms to the more intimate experience of Davies and Walsh Tree Farms there is no better place in Central Ohio to spend a frozen afternoon, surrounded by beautiful landscapes in search of the perfect one. We are proud of our tree-farming heritage, which makes it easy to guarantee that we’ve grown the perfect centerpiece for your holiday traditions.