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January 2015

Take Five: Last-Minute Romantic Escapes


By Mary Casey-Sturk Couples are busier than ever these days, so it’s often a challenge to find time together and nearly impossible to plan a romantic escape! Here are five [...]

Three One-Tank Trips


By Alyssa Reck While fall can be associated with warm days, cool nights, s’mores, campfires and football, it’s also the perfect time to get in one or more trips to your [...]

Six Wineries to Visit in Dayton, Ohio


By Danny Restivo Tasting wine at a posh chateau in the south of France is the same as tasting wine outside a soybean farm in Xenia, Ohio. The process is mirrored in either [...]

Cool Down with a Trip “Up North”


By Corinne Minard Summer in Ohio can be a special type of torture when the heat and the humidity combine into sticky, icky weather. The solution? Taking a trip to Northern [...]

A B&B State of Mind


By Felix Winternitz Think you need a change of setting but don’t want to travel far or stay in some antiseptic chain hotel? Then try one of the Southern Ohio, Northern [...]
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